Some of the highest quality diamonds in the world… are grown in a lab.

Lab grown diamonds are produced using technological innovation that yields diamonds of exceptional quality and purity. Only the top 2% of mined diamonds can compare. They are identical in their composition, as well as their physical appearance to mined diamonds. A gemologist cannot tell he difference between a quality lab grown diamond and a mined gem.


These jewels are created when a small diamond seed is placed in an carbon-rich environment, then grow atom-by-atom, layer-by-layer. These “cultured” diamonds are significantly better for the environment than naturally mined diamonds.


Ethical lab diamond creators Pure Grown Diamonds say their diamonds are “grown in a controlled environment, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint” with “very little overall environmental impact” compared to mined diamonds.

Diamondtreats were the first company to open up laboratory-grown diamond operations in the UK, assuring its customers that “growing diamonds” produces around half the carbon footprint of mining them. What’s more, they point out, lab-grown diamonds are “totally conflict free, without the problems of child forced labor and other disturbing facts to worry about with mined diamonds”.


Bluenile have recently launched an app to choose your diamond, setting, and create your own bespoke, stunning, piece.

Lab grown diamonds are some of the purest diamonds in the world, environmentally friendly and conflict free. Get busy sparkling!

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