Upcycled bag collection by Mulberry founder’s son…

Aluminium ring pulls from drink cans are upcycled into chic bags by Bottletop. The ethical fashion brand is based  in the UK, Africa and Brazil, and was created by Cameron Saul, son of Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry.

Emma Clutch £495

Bottletop helps to create a sustainable livelihood for highly skilled craftsmen as well as supporting young people through education.

Morela £395

This ethical fashion brand was initially a product collaboration with British bag brand Mulberry in 2002, with the goal of supporting artisans in the developing world to create sustainably sourced fashion. But it has since taken on a life of its own and built up a huge celebrity following including Jessica Alba, Claire Danes and Livia Firth.

Candice £1,250

The flagship in London is the world’s first 3D printed store created by robot architects using up-cycled plastic. This look was inspired by the ‘Sculpture of a Can Minus the Ring-Pull’ which was created by Turner Prize-winning artist Rachel Whiteread for the brand. The shelving was wrapped in certified zero deforestation leather; the flooring is derived from upcycled rubber tyres, and consoles were wrapped in re-purposed sheet aluminium.

Bottletop are continually sourcing new sustainable materials and production techniques to use in their collections. Find out more at Bottletop or visit the flagship at 84 Regent Street, London.

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